Give with confidence. Your donation is qualified on our end to be 100% tax deductible.

We keep it simple.
  • No bureaucracy.
  • No office building.
  • No airplanes, limos, drones or other nonsense.
  • Our expenditures are for shipping, tape and markers.
  • 100% good feeling in your heart and in ours.
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POP Kids Resources

We get MannaPacks™ at no cost

from Feed My Starving Children, a critical partner in our mission.

Shipping and packing material is our only expense...

covered by your donations.

Our liaisons supervise the food distribution.

Confirmation of receipt is usually received within hours of docking.

POP Kids Process

Trusted Partners ➊ We have established relationships with local officials.

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POP Kids Process

Identify kids in need. ➋ We identify kids in need.

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POP Kids Process

Verified Delivery ➌ We follow up with the officials for documented delivery.

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POP Kids Process

Verified Delivery “It was wonderful to receive another 9 boxes of manna packs from you.

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POP Kids Officers

Pilot and Navigator for POP Kids. Jeff has the compassion and energy that says, “We can do this!”

Jeff Krasean Visionary

Twenty-year ER Nurse and a Vietnam Vet with a background in plant pathology, Loren brings a critical eye to all that we do.

Loren Nickelson POP Kids entire C-Level

Our numbers are simple and Jerry aims to keep it that way. Charismatic and arithmetic, Jerry is all business and a fair player.

Jerry Rhods Math in Tuples